Gluten Free

If you are intolerant and you are in Malta, you will love our Gluten Free Options

Have you ever eaten a steak that you kept thinking about days after? Then you tried the taste of the Veal T-bone steak at Wood and Coal Steak and Pizza house in the centre of Malta!

The Great thing about steaks is, they really compliment the Gluten Free and Lactose Free vibe we have going on here in our restaurant. They are so in their natural form but we also do our best to avoid any Gluten containment so that anyone can enjoy our Steaks!

Click here if you want to hear the marbling of our steaks melting as they are on the grill

Let us distract you for a couple of minutes from work with our decor and foods… only so that you can go back to work recharged – we promise! With our light and healthy pizza (also available in gluten free), salads, steaks, and a whole other variety of other gluten free choices such as our freshly made gnocchi your lunch can be as interesting and nourishing as you need it. Our restaurant is also air conditioned to keep you cool at all times. We welcome the rushed ones who wish to quickly recharge and head back to work and also business lunches that require a quiet yet inspiring environment. Last but not least, plenty of parking available! just in front of our restaurant here in Attard. We are going to be open for lunch all week – Monday to Sunday!

Cold-pressed and stone milled wheat flake. The result is a flour that enhances flavour, fragrance and digestibility, making our pizza healthier and tastier – you’ll know this after you eat it. The combination of grains and seeds that we use in our pizza doe make it full-bodied, yet lighter and more digestible. Linseeds, barley, sesame, rye and millet are just few of the many. One of our secrets is the use of whole grains that improve digestibility due to increased fiber, but also give our pizza a natural golden colour.

Coming up next is a post on the gluten free version!

We want you to start your meal on the right note, so think about the taste of our Bruschetta mix on a homemade sour dough or the Truffled fresh Scottona beef carpaccio with rucola and parmesan shavings. We have starters that are available warm, cold, and even gluten free – here you get to choose!

One might ask himself / herself why our desserts are not on display. Well that’s an easy one… it’s because they are made fresh, per order. We have a truly homemade dessert selection. Many people have been overwhelmed by the taste of our desserts because it has over exceeded the typical expectations of what a dessert should do to their taste buds… but the reason is simple – we make them fresh. We also make all of our desserts gluten free so we make sure that everyone can enjoy them – and guess what, they taste even better. Come and find us in Attard. We look forward to impress you!

Come and feel our vibe in our unique interior while indulging honest and genuine food here in Attard. We want you to feel comfortable with us and make sure that nothing is missing for you. We’ve just refreshed our restaurant with a new air conditioning system to keep you cool this summer. Your final decision is what you want to have on your table, do you want a steak, or a pizza? Fear not if you’re gluten intolerant – we also make gluten free pizzas! Our restaurant is now fully air conditioned, so you will have also a pleasant temperature.

We make it fresh, we make it homemade, and we can also make it Gluten Free. One does not simply come across Gnocchi like this on a day to day basis. We value fresh and homemade food and also have a very good understanding of gluten intolerance so you can ensure that your well being is safe guarded with us, as we’re all about making people feel good through good food. We only use the best ingredients to make sure that these are the freshest and the most remarkable gnocchi in Malta.

We’ve made our Steak and Pizza House cooler with new air conditioners blowing in the dining area! We want you to enjoy your steak or pizza in a cool environment this summer, this way you can relax a tad further and stay more focused on indulging the goodness of our food, here at Wood and Coal in central Malta.

Our Tandori Chicken is on the Gourmet section of our Pizza menu for a good reason. Mango chutney, fior di latte, tandori chicken, red onions, sliced almond, raisins, fresh coriander and a drop of yoghurt make an exquisite combination. As with all of our other pizzas, this one is also available in Gluten Free for the Celiac and the gluten intolerant. Come on in… bite our Tandori Chicken Pizza here at Wood and Coal or grab your take away pizza!

Also known as Steaks day here at Wood and Coal. Our Coal is running hot, and running fast with so many loved dads wanting to try our juicy goods from the Grill. Our Scottona Beef, Veal, and Pork make the best source for old time favourite cuts such as T-Bones, fillets, and tomahawks. Our chef patron Gilbert Portelli is here making sure that every prime cut is cooked to perfection, therefore juicy and tender to honour every visitor here at our Steak and Pizza House.

You’ve waited for this day and here it is – A Steak and Pizza House finally open in Attard. Wood and Coal is going to be delivering goodness here, in a central part of Malta. Click here to find us on Google Maps. We’ve searched for the best ingredients, the most premium quality meats, and the finest grains for our Pizzas, and put everything on a Menu that is now ready for the taking. Plenty has already been made, but plenty is yet to come. The gluten free part of our menu is yet to be released, and more exciting things will also follow. Our Chef Patron Gilbert Portelli is an energetic, innovative, and very much in touch with what fuels our body with goodness and keeps our motors running because when you eat good food, you will feel good indeed.  Now, let’s give you the info that’s everyone is asking us in case you’ve missed it:


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