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At Wood and Coal Steakhouse we cook with heart
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for our families and friends

about us

Wood and Coal Steakhouse serves a modern original menu such as grill dishes, seasoned steaks and seafood, inspired by traditional Mediteranean cuisine in contemplorary style. Simplicity and honesty defines us in the kitchen and on the plate. We get our beef from the best importers in Malta and age it in the house to get the best results. To get the full Dining Experience complement your dish with perfect matched wine picked from our well stocked wine cellar.


Dry aging meats require more work and more refrigerated space, and by definition, the meat loses moisture over time. with less water, a dry-aged cut weightless. dry aging can profoundly improve the flavor of meat the slow and steady evaporating of moisture concentrates sweet-tasting sugars as well as savory-tasting, umami-enhancing protein fragments and Concentrating d nucleotides that are by-products of the aging process molecules such as makes meat taste meatier. when cooked, these concentrated molecules boost the creation of Maillard flavor, further enhancing the meatiness. The oxidation of fat and other susceptible molecules also contributes to the aroma of dry-aged meat. The action of enzymes during aging turns stiffened muscles into soft, pliable meat. Aging also creates many of the tastes and aromas that give meat the flavors we carnivores crave.

How long, for example, should meat age? Many people say the longer the better, but in truth, it depends on the kind of animal, the type of muscle, and what you want from your meat.