Plenty has already been made, but more is yet to come.

You’ve waited for this day and here it is – A Steak and Pizza House finally open in Attard. Wood and Coal is going to be delivering goodness here, in a central part of Malta. Click here to find us on Google Maps. We’ve searched for the best ingredients, the most premium quality meats, and the finest grains for our Pizzas, and put everything on a Menu that is now ready for the taking. Plenty has already been made, but plenty is yet to come. The gluten free part of our menu is yet to be released, and more exciting things will also follow. Our Chef Patron Gilbert Portelli is an energetic, innovative, and very much in touch with what fuels our body with goodness and keeps our motors running because when you eat good food, you will feel good indeed.  Now, let’s give you the info that’s everyone is asking us in case you’ve missed it:


Our Location on Google Maps

Our Open Hours


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